The tempest is a very mixed mood story, it involves love , revenge , anger , passion and forgiveness. Prospero the rightful duke of Milan, has had his dukedom stolen by his brother Antonio. Prospero is then banished to an island where he has a slave named caliban and daughter Miranda as companions. The plan […]

Marzia Niamah HussainThe recent incidents of hate crime in Toronto have shocked me to the point of disbelief. I am sure — and hope — that many Canadians feel that this is not the Canada that we all know. As I read about every incident, multiple incidents each day, the possibility that it could happen […]

Migrants protest against restrictions limiting passage at the Greek-Macedonian border, near Gevgelija, on December 1, 2015. Published on Dec 02 2015 Marzia Niamah Hussain The recent incidents of hate crime in Toronto have shocked me to the point of disbelief. I am sure — and hope — that many Canadians feel that this is not […]

Within “The Pleasure Of Hating”, Hazlitt imbedded a lot of persuasive writing which had do be looked into deeply to be discovered. Hazlitt readers may not know or realise how persuasive Hazlitt is being within the text. I will now analyse the areas of persuasion of which Hazlitt has Imbedded. Hazlitt uses personal experiences of […]

Jose Murinho has claimed that he will loose every game if he repeats the Newcastle flop again. I surprisingly agree. We are 16th in the league and have no sense of respect for ourselves. Chelsea supporters are buying Man City shirts with De Bruyne shirts, when the game before it was a Chelsea shirt with […]

I was asked by a a friend of mine to do a review on the game Tekken, and as you can tell from the tittle I wasn’t very pleased with the game. There were many disappointing aspects of the game which, made me realize what a waste of time the game was. You’d expect a […]

In life as I become older, I’ve realized I hate a lot of things, I begin to think deeply about it and notice how strong the term hate is. I start to notice I hate very few things, but dislike a lot more. But I will tell you about the things I “Hate” but using […]

To Nicky Morgan, I strongly believe that students should study poetry in school because it teaches them various language techniques. Poetry can help you with your English as there are many language   techniques in poetry which occur in your everyday English lesson. For example the repetition of the same same first letter of a word may […]

David Simon, all throughout Homicide, uses many language techniques to create suspense. He writes in a certain way to drag and bring the audience into the story. Simon makes the audience believe they are the centre of the story, and does that whilst building suspense. I will now explain the language techniques, which Simon uses […]

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